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Past Winners

2018 PASF Winners:

The Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation (PASF) held its annual competition on Sunday, April 29, 2018 at the Fess Parker Doubletree Resort (newly acquired by the Hilton corporation), emceed by PASF Board President Deborah Bertling. Eleven outstanding musicians and vocal artists competed for scholarships. 

In the instrumental category, prize winners were: First Prize, Timothy Beccue (cello)  Second Prize, Sofia Malvinni (violin); Third Prize, Ilana Shapiro (flute); Fourth Prize, Josiah Frias (guitar).

Vocal competition winners were: First Prize, Kelly Newberry (mezzo-soprano); Second Prize, Naomi Merer (soprano); Third Prize, Tyler Reece (baritone).

First Place Winners: Timothy Beccue (cello) and Kelly Newberry (mezzo-soprano)

Instrumental Winners: Timothy Beccue, Sofia Malvinni (violin), Ilana Shapiro (flute) and Josiah Frias (guitar).

Vocal competition winners were: Kelly Newberry (mezzo-soprano), Naomi Merer (soprano) and Tyler Reece (Baritone).

2017 PASF Vocal winners: Byron Maynes, Naomi Merer, Tyler Reece, Joanna Lynn-Jacobs

First Place Instrumental, Erik Fauss, Viola

Second Place Instrumental, Lalia Mangione, Violin

Third Place Instrumental, Timothy Beccue, Cello

Fourth Place, Leslie Cain, Piano

First Place, Vocal, Byron Maynes, Baritone

Second Place, Naomi Merer, Soprano

Third Place, Tyler Reece, Baritone

Fourth Place, Joanna Lynn-Jacobs, Mezzo-Soprano

Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation Competition Winners History


First Place Instrumental, Catherine Marshall, Flute

Second Place, Instrumental, Connor Rowe, Trombone

Third Place, Instrumental, Lalia Mangione, Violin

Fourth Place, Instrumental, Erik Fauss, Viola

First Place, Vocal, Molly Clementz, Mezzo-Soprano

Second Place, Joanna Lynn-Jacobs, Mezzo-Soprano

Third Place, Vocal Juliet Powar, Soprano

Honorable Mention: Rachel Ricard, Flute, Adelle Rodkey, Oboe


First Place,Aaron Wilk,Piano
Second Place,Rebecca Shasberger,Cello
Third Place,Christopher Davis,Piano
Fourth Place,Lalia Mangione,Violin
First Place,Adam Bradley,Tenor
Second Place,Tyler Reece,Baritone
Third Place,Joanna Lynn-Jacobs,Mezzo-Soprano
Honorable Mention,Timothy Beccue,Cello
Honorable Mention,Leslie Cain,Piano
Honorable Mention,Joanne Kim,Clarinet

Second Place,Aaron Wilk,Piano
Third Place,Christopher Davis,Piano
Fourth Place,Rebecca Shasberger,Cello
Joanna Lynn-Jacobs,Mezzo-Soprano
Honorable Mention,Leslie Cain,Piano
Chelsea Chaves,Soprano
Adriane Hill,Flute
Bridget Hough-Meynenc,Piano
Andrea Larez,Violin
Maya Rothfuss,Soprano
Junia Work,Violin
First Place: Azeem Ward,Flute
Keith Coclough,Bass-Baritone
Second Place: Rebecca Shasberger,Cello
Third Place: Christopher Davis,Piano
Fourth Place: Michael Sikich,Piano
Mary Rose Go,Soprano

Honorable Mention: Ian Bankhead,Viola

Andrew Horak, Violin, Bridget Hough, Piano Bryan Lane, Tenor


First Place,Camille Miller,Violin
Second Place,Christopher Davis,Piano
Leslie Anne Cook,Mezzo-Soprano
Third Place,Joshelle Conley,Violin
Xiaobo Su,Soprano
Fourth Place,Rebecca Shasberger,Cello
Honorable Mention,Andrew Horak,Violin
Kelsey Beisecker,Flute
Harrison Swalley,Trumpet
Eric Carampatan,Baritone
Peabody Southwell,Mezzo-Soprano


Second Place: Sari Haidar,Soprano
Joshelle Conley,Violin
Third Place: Eric Carampatan,Baritone
Christopher Davis,Piano
Fourth Place: Allison K. Foster, Soprano
Rebecca Shasberger,Cello
Honorable Mention,John Etsell,Piano
Rachel White Galvin,Viola
Tanya Maksood,Soprano


First Place,Sofiya Prykhitko,Violin
Second Place,Camille Miller,Violin
Third Place,Eric Carampatan, Baritone
Carole Joe,Flute
Fourth Place: Leslie Anne Cooke,Mezzo-Soprano
Michael Sikich,Piano
Honorable Mention: Chia Cheng Naomi Shen,Piano
Sarah Shasberger,Viola
Anna Corcoran,Violin
Beverly Brossmann,Flute
Clara Lee,Piano
Christopher Davis,Piano
Harrison Swalley,Trumpet


First Place: Bruno Ferrari,Piano
Douglas Carpenter,Baritone
Second Place: Carol Joe,Flute
Bradley Wisk,Tenor
Third Place: Sofiya Prykhitko,Violin
Peabody Southwell,Mezzo-Soprano
Fourth Place: Ray Furuta,Flute
Eric Carampatan,Baritone
Honorable Mention: Daniel Sommermann,Violin
Chia Cheng Naomi Shen,Piano
Cesar Bowley Castillo,Piano
Sonia Tripathi,Piano


First Place: Alison Hazen,Flute
Second Place: Patricia Lee,Piano
Chia Cheng Naomi Shen,Piano
Third Place: Leslie Anne Cook,Mezzo-Soprano
Anna Corcoran,Violin
Fourth Place: Nikolaus Schiffmann,Bass-Baritone
Sonia Tripathi,Piano
Honorable Mention: Kevin Bishop,Viola
Daniel Sommermann,Violin
Katie Waltman,Violin


First Place: Jamie Chamberlin,Soprano
Second Place: Gina Bellino,Soprano
Anna Corcoran,Violin
Camille Miller,Violin
Third Place: Adam Phillips,Tenor
Thomas Yee,Violin
Chia Cheng Shen,Piano
Fourth Place: Andre Shillo,Baritone
Alison Hazen,Flute
Cecelia Shim,Cello
Andrea DiMaggio,Flute


First Place: Philipp Richardsen,Piano
Evan Hughes,Bass-Baritone
Second Place,Thomas Yee,Violin
Third Place,Yulia Frenkel,Soprano
Susanna Vinogradski,Violin
Yung-Ting Chuang,Piano
Fourth Place: Alan Poyer,Violin
Patricia Lee,Piano
Honorable Mention: Erin Bonski,Piano
Hyo Yhn Shim,Cello


First Place: Katrina Schaefer,Violin
Edgar Ernesto Ramirez,Tenor
Second Place: Evan Hughes,Bass-Baritone
Philipp Richardsen,Piano
Third Place: Jamie Chamberlin,Soprano
Andrea DiMaggio,Flute
Alexander Lipay,Piano
Thomas Phillips,Trombone
Fourth Place: Anna Corcoran,Violin
Micah Naler,Viola
Honorable Mention: Laura King,Oboe

First Place: Nina Yoshida,Mezzo-Soprano
Sheppard Peng,Violin
Second Place: Nikolaus Schiffmann,Bass-Baritone
Alexander Lipay,Piano
Andrea DiMaggio,Flute
Third Place: Josephine McGrath,Piano
Jamie Chamberlin,Soprano
Humberto de Almeida,Piano
Fourth Place: Mary Kim,Violin
Laura King,Oboe
Honorable Mention: Zev Weiss,Flute


First Place,N/A,
Second Place: Jamie Chamberlin,Vocal
Andrea DiMaggio,Flute
Clara Lee,Piano
Nikolaus Schiffmann,Vocal


First Place: Richard Biaggini,Violin
Tomoe Hayashi,Piano
Alexander Lipay,Flute
Justin Plank,Vocal
Second Place: Jamie Chamberlin,Vocal
Susanne Hirl,Vocal
Thomas Yee,Violin
Third Place: Julie Forgie,Violin
Andre Shillo,Vocal
Fourth Place: Natalie Larsen,Piano


First Place:Melody Wong,Piano
Serge Martinchuck,Piano
Second Place: Jamie Chamberlin,Vocal
Justin Plank,Vocal
Third Place: Andre Shillo,Vocal
Tamara Bevard,Vocal
Kimberly Peng,Violin
Susanne Hirl,Vocal
Thomas Yee,Violin


First Place:Tihana Herceg,Vocal
David Zobel,Piano
Second Place: Jamie Chamberlin,Vocal
Kimberly Peng,Violin
Ciera Lamborn,Vocal
Third Place: Susanne Hirl,Vocal
Serge Martinchuk,Piano
Nikolaus Schiffmann,Vocal
Eleanor Wells,Cello
Orin Hildestad,Violin
Andre Shillo,Vocal


First Place: Valerie Johnson,Viola
Second Place: Kimberly Peng,Violin
Ciera Lamborn,Vocal
Barbara West,Vocal
David Zobel,Piano
Jessica Jong House,Vocal
Laura Hackstein,Violin
Third Place: Susan Hernandez,Vocal
Debby Maho,Piano
Orin Hildestad,Violin
Stacey Frederick,Vocal
Fourth Place: Scott Reed,Vocal


First Place,Jakub Jersy Omsky,Cello
Dauri Kennedy,Vocal
Second Place,Ciera Lamborn,Vocal
Orin Hildestad,Violin
Andrew Truitt,Vocal
Andrew Steward,Piano
Byron Wallis,Violin
Third Place: Kerry Walsh,Vocal,
Sheppard Peng,Violin
Christopher Coventry,Piano
Fourth Place: Joseph Fanvu,Piano


First Place: Alexander Russakovsky,Cello
Adina Aaron,Vocal
Alexander Gurevich, Viola
Second Place: Orin Hildestad,Violin
Ciera Lamborn,Vocal
Zeynep Ucbasaran,Piano
Third Place: Mitsuko Ueda,Vocal
Ruth Yang,Piano
Amy Tefft,Vocal


First Place: Alfredo Oyagueg,Piano
Emil Cristescu,Vocal
Second Place: Stephanie Sivers,Vocal
Sergio Gallo,Piano
Suzanne Buenning,Vocal
Clare Stanley,Piano
Third Place: Susan Hernandez,Vocal
Debby Maho,Piano
Orin Hildestad,Violin
Stacey Frederick,Vocal


First Place: Tatyana Rashkovsky,Vocal
Alethia Lozano,Flute
Belinda Pigeon,Vocal
Second Place: Christopher Curbelo,Piano
Dauri Kennedy,Vocal
Emil Cristescu, Vocal
Jerico Vasquez,Piano
Third Place: Katrina Van Drell,Vocal
Abe Liebhaber,Cello
Suzanne Buenning,Vocal


First Place,Chloe Coventry,Violin,
Nan Babakhanian,Vocal
Second Place: Miwa Gofuku,Piano
Andra Lund,Cello
Susan Bernard,Vocal
Abe Liebhaber,Cello
Jerico Vasquez,Piano
Third Place:David Britton,Vocal
Daniel Brooks,Piano
Timothy Schmidt,Vocal


First Place: Megan Dey,Vocal
Andrew Smith,Cello
Second Place:Lisa Nielsen,Vocal
Third Place:, Amy Christian,Vocal
Miwa Gofuku,Piano
Susan Bernard,Vocal
Abe Liebhaber,Cello
Wynford Lyddane,Piano
Renee Hoffman,Vocal
Adrian Spence,Flute


First Place, George DeMott-Bovenzi,Vocal
Antonio Artese,Piano
Second Place: Megan Dey,Vocal
Wynford Lyddane,Piano
Heidi Herzog,Vocal
Third Place: Amy Christian,Vocal
Tracy Lum,Piano
Kimberly Abraham,Vocal
Brett Mutinelli,Vocal
Angela Ammons,Vocal


First Place, Frank Silva,Clarinet
Ann Knocke,Vocal
Second Place,Tracy Harris,Flute
Megan Dey,Vocal
Miwa Gofuku,Piano
Wynford Lyddane,Piano
Third Place: Brett Mutinelli,Vocal
David Kim,Cello
Donna DePond,Vocal
Fourth Place: Natalie Dhing,Piano
William Christensen,Vocal


First Place: Katrina Zook (vocal)  Amy Jacobson (violin) Second Place:Krista Bartz (piano),  Grace Mannion (vocal),  Trina Carey (cello)  Brett Mutinelli (vocal),  Mary Katherine Morgan (vocal) Third Place: Michelle Petzinger (vocal)  Matthew Bitetti (vocal)  Bradley Gregory and Tachelle Gerbert (piano duo)


First Place: Earl Simmons (vocal),  Kary Kramer (piano),  Matthew Carey (vocal),  Monica Harris (vocal). Second Place: Katrina Zook (vocal), Melissa Jensen (piano),  Tracy Harris (flute),  Holly Reeves (cello). Third Place: Brett Mutinelli (vocal), Trina Carey (cello), Wendy Jones (vocal),  Mary Katherine Morgan (vocal).


First Place: Charles Hammett (vocal),  Lin Hsu (vocal),  Lee Livingood (clarinet),  Yolanda Mitchell (vocal). Second Place: Grace Mannion (vocal), Elden Little (piano), Derek Anthony (vocal),  Matthew Carey (vocal), Robert Lauder, Jr. (vocal). Third Place: Earl Simmons (vocal),  Jacqueline Zander (vocal),  Rafael Rishik (violin).


First Place: Cherie Caluda (vocal),  Jonathan Grant (vocal),  Tu Quiang (cello), Rene Mandel (violin). Second Place: Yolanda Mitchell (vocal), Tracy Harris (flute),  Jacqueline Zander (vocal),  Third Place: Kristina Smith (vocal) , Agatha Carubia Hughes, (vocal), Honorable Mention: Kary Kramer (piano),  Jim Mooy (trumpet).


First Place: Mari Lunde (violin),  Alex Guerrero, Jr. (vocal), Molly Minor.  Second Place: Yolanda Mitchell (vocal).  Marc DiMinno (piano). Third Place: Matt Carey (vocal), Christopher Keys (piano). Honorable Mention: Laura Frank (vocal).  Richard Heard (vocal).  Marcum-Whorf (vocal).  Denise Livingston (vocal).  Mattthews (vocal).


First Place———- Second Place: Kathy Vanderhoof (vocal), Susy Pak (piano),  Jeffrey Araluce (vocal). Third Place: Sandra Pak (violin), Laura Frank (vocal), Morgan Hastings (French horn), Molly Irene Minor (vocal). Fourth Place: Agatha Carubia Hughes (vocal). Honorable Mention: Susan Owens (vocal), Richard Heard (vocal).  William Ryder (vocal).


First Place: Rodney Gilfry (vocal),  Misha Bodnar-Horton (cello), Second Place: Kary Kramer (piano),  Agatha Carubia Hughes (vocal),  Molly Minor (vocal). Third PlaceMichelle Hoffman (vocal),  Helen Azevedo (piano).  Fourth Place: Kathy Vanderhoof (vocal), Maya Bhattacharjaie (vocal). Fifth Place: Susan Holmes (vocal)


First Place: Zak Bjerken (piano), Jaime Perez (vocal). Second Place: Agatha Carubia (vocal),  William Koseluk (piano),  Jeffrey Araluce (vocal). Third Place: Betty Binder (vocal), Kylie Kiernan (piano). Honorable Mention: Lisa Stidham,  Stacy Steed


Special Award: Steve R. Deines


First Place: Norelee Bush (vocal). Second Place: Seung Ha (piano). Third Place: Zak Bjerken (piano). Fourth Place: Jane Mealy (vocal)


First Place——- Second Place: Seung Ha (piano)


First Place: Katheryn Voice (vocal)