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PASF Eligibility

  1. All applicants must live in Santa Barbara County or study music with a SB County teacher. Any student who grew up in SB and is a full time student outside county limits is eligible as long as that student’s family is still living in SB County. A student who lives elsewhere when not in a local school, such as SBCC, UCSB or Westmont, but studies within county limits with a SB County music teacher is eligible.
  2. All applicants must be aged 30 or younger at the time of the audition. There is no age minimum, but applicants should be able to play or sing classical music per the audition requirements (see Audition Requirement page of the web site for more detail).
  3. Full time or adjunct faculty members teaching music at a college or university are not eligible to audition.
  4. Applicants must be available to perform on the date of the competition. Please do not apply and audition if you know you are unable to perform at \the competition.
  5. You may perform up to five (5) times in the annual competition, but there is a maximum of 5 attempts to win first prize. Once a participant has won first prize, they are no longer eligible to compete within the same musical discipline.

Please contact Deborah Bertling if you have any further questions about these qualifications. info@pasfsb.org or 805.898.0941.